The LabWrite Tutor

The Tutor is a unique application that allows students to do their PreLab, InLab, PostLab, and LabCheck online. Students using the LabWrite Self-Guides typically must pull up a word processing program, such a Microsoft Word, and switch back and forth from it to the instructional materials of the Self-Guides. However, students working in the Tutor have access to all the help available in the Self-Guides without leaving the LabWrite environment.

The Tutor application provides prompts that students can respond to in a text box, and the responses are automatically entered into a page that arranges them in the proper order. For example, when students are writing their reports they are led step by step through a series of prompts for each section of the report--Methods, Results, Introduction, etc. Each of their responses is saved on a template, accessible from the View function. Students can view their work any time, and when they have finished all the steps they will have a first draft of their report in the right order--Title, Abstract, Introduction, etc.

Students can work through all LabWrite stages in the Tutor--PreLab, InLab, PostLab, and LabCheck. The responses are collected in separate sections for each LabWrite stage. Students can revise their drafts online following the LabChecklist.

For PostLab, the Tutor is available in two versions. The basic Tutor incorporates the multiple steps that students find in the PostLab Self-Guide. The Brief Tutor allows students to bypass the multiple step and compose their reports a whole section at a time, with full help available when they need it. The idea is that early in a term students may choose to go step-by-step through the basic Tutor, but after two or three reports, some students may prefer to use the Brief Tutor.

The Tutor requires a log-in for access. Go to any LabWrite stage home page and click on Tutor to log in and try it out. Most students can use the Tutor effectively with a little exploration, but it may be helpful to direct students to How to Use LabWrite, which has material about the Tutor, as well as the frequently asked questions they can access from the the Help button on the Tutor and on the LabWrite home page.

At present, the Tutor is available only for hypothetical (standard) labs.




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