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The PostLab is a guide for writing lab reports. Instead of starting by writing the Abstract or Introduction first, this guide starts with information you already have, beginning with the Methods and ending with the References.

Directions: Click on the green button for (1) the type of lab you are doing (ask your lab instructor if you don't know) and (2) the LabWrite mode you will use to write the report.


Types of Labs


Standard Lab Report
A report in which you establish and test a hypothesis. Most labs are of this type.

Descriptive Lab Report
A lab that does not use a hypothesis: you follow a procedure and report findings.

Student-Designed Lab Report
A lab that is based on an experiment that you design.

Online instructions to use while writing your lab report in a word processing program. Full printable version available.

An interactive application to use for writing your lab report online following a guide that leads you step-by-step through each section of the report.

Brief Tutor
An interactive application that guides you through the report one full section at a time (Methods, Results, etc.). Best for those who are experienced with PostLab Tutor and no longer need step-by-step instruction.

Partial Lab Report
A mode in which you write only one or more sections of the report, for example, only the Results, or only the Results and Discussion.



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