Evaluation Guide

LabCheck: Evaluation Guide


  F D C B A

• describes lab content concisely, adequately, appropriately

conveys a sense of the full report concisely and effectively          
successfully establishes the scientific concept of the lab          
effectively presents the objectives and purpose of the report          
states hypothesis and provides logical reasoning for it          
gives enough details to allow for replication of procedure          
opens with effective statement of overall findings          
presents visuals clearly and accurately          
presents verbal findings clearly and with sufficient support          
successfully integrates verbal and visual representations          
opens with effective statement of support of hypothesis          
backs up statement with reference to appropriate findings          
provides sufficient and logical explanation for the statement          
sufficiently addresses other issues pertinent to lab          
convincingly describes what has been learned in the lab          
citations and references adhere to proper format          
format of tables and figures is correct          
report is written in scientific style: clear and to the point          
grammar and spelling are correct          
Overall Aims of the Report: The student...
has successfully learned what the lab is designed to teach          
demonstrates clear and thoughtful scientific inquiry          
accurately measures and analyzes data for lab findings          


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