Descriptive Labs

SECTION FIVE : Conclusion

Interpreting the results of the lab

Step 1: Write a paragraph summarizing what you have learned about the scientific concept or procedure of the lab. Back up your statement with details from your lab experience.

More Help:

  • Return to the scientific concept or lab procedure you established as your focus in the Introduction. But instead of describing what you know about it in the Conclusion, describe what you learned about it from doing the lab. For example:
    • How has your understanding of ir improved or otherwise changed from doing the lab?
    • What specific aspects of the lab experience contributed to your learning?
    • What difficulties did you have with lab before doing it, and how were those difficulties alleviated by doing the lab?
    • How might what you have learned in the lab be applicable in the future?
  • Be direct in your statement of what you have learned. Don't be afraid to start out saying, "In this lab, I learned that ...." This sort of clarity will be appreciated by the reader. Elaborate on your statement with additional details about what you have learned.


Step 2: There may be more that you have learned about from the lab experience that is not directly related to the main focus of the lab, the scientific concept or lab procedure. If so, describe it in a paragraph or two.

More Help:

  • Here are some examples of other things you may have learned by doing the lab:
    • Was there anything in the lab procedure that you found particularly interesting to learn how to do?
    • Did you apply a procedure for analyzing data that was useful to learn about?
    • Did you learn anything about using a spreadsheet or graphing or creating other visuals?
    • Did you learn anything about writing or about how science works from writing the report?

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